Citizen eco drive alarm инструкция

citizen eco drive alarm инструкция
Correct reference positions Charge level indicator: CHN UTC hour and minute hands: 12:00 Hour, minute and second hands: 12:00:00 24-hour hand: 12:00 3. If the reference position is correct, the check is now complete. Есть вопросы (+) RICOH Q&Q MegaNote30 проблема с настройкой CITIZEN BL7070-54G Прошу информацию по Ситизен. CITIZEN Minute Repeater G90 Что за часы ношу уже 10 лет? The reception area on the map is only guideline, and it may be difficult to receive the radio signal even within the areas indicated on the map.

For example, you may wear the watch while washing your face; however, it is not designed for use underwater. • Upgraded water-resistance for daily use (to 5 atmospheres): This type of watch is water- resistant to moderate exposure to water. Требуется помощь! подскажите магазин (реальный) в Москве с большим выбором Citizen Citizen в Базеле-2008 Мой второй CITIZEN Так все такие каки брать? Setting the time Make sure Dial C is set to TME. (See “Changing modes” above.) Pull the stem to its out position.

Solution: Align the 25 of the outside scale with the inside scale’s SPEED INDEX (Y) of the inside scale. During radio reception, the second hand of the watch moves in reception level. * When reception is complete, the watch will return to movement at one-second intervals. The alarm is now set. To turn off the alarm when it is beeping, press Button A. To un-set the alarm so it won’t go off at its appointed time, set Dial C to ALM and pull out the stem.

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