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However if the selected bandwidth is too big, the plot will become less accurate. That’s as far as I’ve taken it. I haven’t built one or worked out a calculator, just the raw maa file. Модель антенны можно просматривать и изменять объемном виде или в одной из 3 плоскостей. В верхней правой части выводится информация о выбранном проводе. Note that the MMANA-GAL is dedicated to the optimization; the response of the mouse should be very slow.

This can occur when an antenna element is modeled as two or more elements each with different radii. Download MMANA-GAL Basic version MMANA-GAL (free, ~ 2,62 MB, current version If you want to make basic MMANA-GAL available from your website, please use download link above or link to the MM HAMsoft. PRO version MMANA-GAL ordering. Хотя и сегментов всего 120, и сервиса нет, и погрешности. Но ELNEC был первым. Антенная техника, бывшая смесью действительных знаний, некоей магии, искренних заблуждений и слухов, становилась подвластной точному расчету пользователя.

Values for width, length, perimeter, and element spacing are entered in the Element Editor table (shown above). GETTING STARTED It’s a good idea to become familiar with some of the ELEMENT EDITOR’s main features. For a loop antenna, they are space, positio, perimeter, etc. Put a minus value to R when modelling a tapered element that is composed of two or more elements having different radii. If R= 0 then the element behaves as an insulated element. Имя может быть любым, а расширение обязано быть *.mmn.

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