Инструкция к gpsmap 62

инструкция к gpsmap 62
The emap does not have a mark key but any object on the map can be converted to a waypoint using an entry on the local menu after you select the object. Whenever you are within the radius defined you will be alerted. To disable that alarm set the distance to 0 or remove the waypoint from the list. The emap and etrex have an actual altitude field that can be edited in this fashion. Averaging Techniques This section is a little more advanced than others in this chapter. Similar to the waystations used by pony express riders as stopover points waypoints mark significant places on your journey. In some documents and gps receivers these may also be called landmarks.

Travel to a second point some distance from your current location where you can get another bearing on the distant point. Get Connected You’ve been busy exploring and now you want to store, save and share your routes, tracks and waypoints. Many Garmin units restrict the number of waypoints that a visible to some number. On some units it is 9 (older units) while some have 15 (emap). On these units you can view more waypoints on the screen by making and activating a route. Select second waypoint as a reference waypoint and the distance and bearing between them will be indicated. Assuming the log doesn’t overflow and erase your previous trip you should be able to place a waypoint on the map page that is a reasonable average of the trips. They will also track 4 more so that as satellites move or the unit moves into new positions a selection of the best four can be made and switched as necessary.

Your current position waypoint name is ______ (6 underscores). Highlighting the REF keyword area, hit enter, move the cursor to the left of the left most character to clear the field. This will make it visible and draw a line from you current position to the waypoint to help you find it. If you are viewing a waypoint, on have it highlighted in a list then this will be the default target for a goto which make this technique much easier. You can add geotagged photos, YouTube® videos, geocaches and notes, then share your adventure via email and social media.

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